XC90 [2016] T6 Drive-E

Increased Performance and Volvo Original Warranty

The Polestar Performance Optimization improves the performance of your Volvo. It makes the car more precise and active to drive and it increases safety in situations where you need extra performance, for example when overtaking or entering a busy highway. All this without increasing the certified fuel consumption, emissions or affecting the Original Warranty of your Volvo.

Fuel Consumption and Environment

A Volvo with the Polestar Performance Optimization has the same certified fuel consumption as the standard version, which only increases the power output when it is needed, during overtaking, long uphill gradients or driving with heavy trailers. This also means that the environmental impact of the car remains unchanged; it is maintained within the limits for the certified emissions.

Improved Performance and Safety

316 hp & 295 lb/ft
330 hp & 325 lb/ft

Polestar Performance Optimization


Price: $1,500.00

The Polestar Performance Optimization provides your Volvo with optimized performance and better torque in the range the engine most often works in. Our racing drivers call this improving the car's drivability. They want the car to be optimized for racing, you want the car optimized for driving on streets and roads. The hands of a driver with good judgement result in better engine performance and increased passive safety in traffic.

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