2018 S90 T6 AWD Inscription

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4 Cyl Turbo 2.0 Liter

Automatic, w/Geartronic

Crystal White Pearl


Warranty:    Remaining Manufacturer Warranty

Volvo POLESTAR Performance Tune
  • Automatic Parking

  • Heads Up Display

  • Cross Traffic Alert

  • Road Sign Information

  • Distance Alert

  • Pilot Park Assist

  • Hands Free Liftgate

  • Bowers & Wilkins Sound System

  • Panoramic Roof w./ Sunshade 

  • Massaging Front Seats

  • Cooled Front & Rear Seats

  • Heated Front & Rear Seats

  • 3 Driving Modes: Eco, Comfort, & Dynamic

  • Private Locking

  • Corner Illumination

  • Apple & Android Autoplay

  • 10 Way Power Front Seat Adjustment with Power Lumbar, Power Side Support & Power Cushion Extension

  • 360-degree Surround View Camera

  • Compass in Rear View Mirror

  • Power Operated Tailgate

  • Active High Beams

  • Illuminated Entry

  • Rear Window Sunshades

  • Leather Wrapped Sunvisors & Grab Handles

  • Front Passenger Seat can be Adjusted from the Driver's Seat and Passenger Rear Seat

  • Deluxe Rear Seat Center Armrest

  • Keyless Entry & Keyless Drive

  • Navigation System w/ Voice Control & Map Care

  • SIRIUS XM Radio

  • Rear HVAC with Separate Controls

  • Start / Stop Function

  • Active Bi-Xenon Headlights

  • VOLVO "On-Call" Road Assist

  • Sensus Connect Mobile Hotspot Internet Access

  • 20" 8-Spoke Silver Diamond Cut Wheels with Brand New Tires

  • BLUETOOTH Hands Free Telephone Interface

  • Programmable Folding Mirrors

  • Turn Signal Mirrors

Options Description:
ABH Active Bending Headlamps

The headlight beams adjust laterally to help light up a curve according to movements of the steering wheel. This feature optimizes night-time illumination and increases safety by providing maximum lighting in bends and junctions.

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control

This is an intelligent form of cruise control that slows down and speeds up automatically to keep pace with the car in front of you. The driver sets the desired speed and time interval to the car in front. When the radar detector detects a slower vehicle in front of the car, the speed is automatically adapted to that. When the road is clear again the car returns to the selected speed. 

Back-Up Camera

To further improve your convenience when reversing, the Back-Up Camera helps display what's going on behind your car. The system uses the integrated driver's information screen and a digital camera discretely located over the license plate. On-screen guiding lines provide extra assistance for smooth parking.

BLIS Blind Spot Information System

The BLIS option helps drivers notice cars in their blind spots. There is a camera under the mirror and a light on the inside of the car that indicates a car may be in your blind spot.

City Safety

A brake technology that assists in reducing or avoiding traffic accidents. It uses infrared sensing to monitor the distance of a vehicle in front at speeds of 19 mph or less. If it senses that a collison is likely, it will apply the brakes and even stop the car if necessary.

Collision Warning System

This feature is an aid to assist the driver when there is a risk of colliding with a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle in front that are stationary or moving in the same direction. There are radar sensors mounted in the front bumper to detect the risk of a collision. The system will also provide visual and auditory warnings when speed and distance indicate risk of a crash with the leading traffic and, if the driver's reaction does not eliminate that risk, the system will begin emergency braking to mitigate, but probably not prevent, the crash.

DAC Driver Alert Control

A support system that alerts the driver if he/she is inattentive or drowsy. The system uses a camera sensor that tracks the position of the car in its lane and also monitors steering wheel movements. If any symptoms of tiredness are detected, the system activates an audiovisual alert.

LDW Lane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning warns the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on) on freeways and arterial roads. A camera reads the side lines of the road/lane and if the car crosses one of the side lines the driver is alerted with an acoustic signal.

Park Assist, Front & Rear 

The signal reveals objects behind and in front of the car respectively. Rear parking assistance is activated by the reverse gear while the front parking assistance is activated when speed is less than 15 km/h. When indication starts, the volume of the radio/stereo is lowered and a pulsed tone is heard from the car's loudspeakers. The tone starts to become constant when the obstruction is about 80/150 cm away and increases to a continuous tone when it is less than 30 cm away from the bumper.


Polestar Performance enhances throttle response, torque and power in your Volvo, without increasing the certified fuel consumption or affecting your Volvo's Original Warranty. The software re-calibrates hundreds of parameters that control the engine. The changes include an increase of turbocharger boost pressure, re-optimization of ignition and fuel-mapping and re-calibration of throttle response.

Two Way Front Camera

The front camera, discretely mounted in the grille and activated by a button in the center console, increases the field of view and allows the driver to see around corners. It provides an expanded field of view of 45 degress to the left and right, and the image is displayed on the 7" large multimedia screen. The camera provides the driver with a wide angle look at what's around the corner, which is perfect for approaching a blind corner when exiting an alley or pulling forward out of a parking space.

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